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Important Tips for Travelling.


Are you travelling soon? Then this post is for you! Travelling is an amazing experience, however the smallest things can make your journey a stressful one and ruin ones mood unnecessarily. So it is important to find out how to make your journey a better one. 

In today’s post we will cover 8  tips any traveler should keep in mind when embarking on your journey, this will not be ranked in any specific order.

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8 Tips for Travelling

1. Do Your Research

One of the most important tips we can give you especially if you are travelling cross- border, is to do your research. This can range from Visa requirements to the country you are entering, how much you are legally allowed to carry past the border and have to declare, or if your favorite shop will be open by the time you arrive.

This is especially true if you have all the resources from home to make informed decisions concerning your journey. You can follow this link for general visa requirements for different countries or you can view this information in Region Schedules.

2. Have Food & Refreshments

This tip is very straight forward, but sometimes forgotten, during any long journey you may find yourself craving a snack or a drink, or you are sitting next to someone eating, which in turn may make you hungry.

Its all always good to pack a balanced meal or have money to purchase food and refreshments while travelling, especially by bus where this isn’t always provided.

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3. Don’t Be Rushed

Another important tip while travelling locally or internationally is not to do things in a rush and plan accordingly, one of the biggest and costly mistakes travelers make is doing things rushed.

Many things can go wrong in this state of mind e.g. leaving money, forgetting travelling documents (e.g. passport or air ticket), forgetting to lock your house/apartment (believe us it really happens) and so much more. If you are pressed for time its always better to stay calm before you make a mistake.

4. Have The Correct Money

This is especially true when travelling cross-border as  this can cause delays in your journey or limit you. When travelling by the border it can generally be said that this is supposed to be a quick process, but when you still need to change money it may take time from lines or getting change to trying t find an actual outlet to change your money.

Another issue is exchange rates and commission as most outlets charge different commissions on your money and its best to do this in advance to get the most out of your money. As another issue depending on your arrival time and location, there might not be anywhere for you to convert your money, leaving you in a very serious situation (believe us it happens).

5. Know the Law if Travelling with Under 18’s

A great tip for travelling especially cross-border is to know what documentation you need to bring along when at a border or Airport with anyone under the age of 18. As in recent years the laws around this matter have really beefed up, here are a few basics:

  • Affidavit/Letter of Consent from other parent if travelling with your child alone.
  • Abridged/Original/ Certified Copy Birth Certificate
  • Death Certificate of other parent
  • Affidavit from Biological parents if a Guardian.

There is still plenty of information and it varies among the different countries you can follow these links to find out more:


6. Emergency Numbers

Whether travelling nationally or internationally it is vital to keep emergency numbers on hand or at least have access to them, especially in an area you are still new too (in this case, ignorance is not bliss), as many things can happen while travelling and its important to be prepared.
As Emergency Numbers are not generally the same and in some countries, they vary on the location, districts, province, state in the country. Emergency numbers range from Police, ER24, Ambulance, Fire Brigade, Helicopter rescue and more depending. You can view Emergency contacts from the different locations on the Region Schedules.
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7. Get Stamped

This is more of a international journey tip, if you are travelling between two different countries it is important to check your entry and exit stamp to make sure information is correct, as sometimes officials may forget to stamp or put the incorrect stamp on your passport which may result in a fine, shorter duration of trip, or problems when returning to your own country. You may check out this article that gives background on the matter of stamps on your passport

8. Capture the Moments

No trip or journey is truly complete without a pictures, videos or souvenirs. While travelling dont forget to capture all the amazing moments you had experienced, so on your next journey capture as many memories as possible, you can even tag us on Instagram or Facebook if you like, to share your experience.



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