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How To Use Lockdown to Plan Your Next Big Trip


Has a world epidemic ruined all your travel plans? Or has it helped them?

Trips and vacations seem like a distant memory and fantasy right now as the majority of the world  is under lock down/Constitutional house arrest. It is quit a sad situation but that doesn’t mean you can’t start preparing and getting ready for your next big trip. In today’s post we will discuss five ways we believe,  you can have the trip of your dreams.

1. Planning, Preparation & Vision

Looking at videos and pictures of your ideal trips and vacations is one thing, but action is another very important component, such as using an old fashioned pen and paper, vision board, or a social platform such as Pinterest, to envision your ideal journey.

These methods are good for seasoned travelers or those of us who are indecisive of which destinations to visit, as the greatest part of any great trip is preparation, deal hunting and research, so what better time then in Lockdown, right?

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2. Research, Research & Research

One of the greatest advantages of Lockdown is the time we now have to research either online, via magazines, newspapers, word of mouth or directly via a travel agency.

This free time gives one the time to find out the gems of their desired destination and do in-depth research, without the stress of last minute planning and missed opportunities.

Traveler based forums such as Tripadvisor, provide travelers the opportunity to find the best places to stay, eat and drink as well hang around for their next trip.

You may also look at border regulations or bus timetables here on site so you may start your research and make your big trip or vacation one to remember.

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3. Stay Home & Save Money

Well since bars and restaurants are closed and pretty much everything else, it isnt as easy to say that you cant afford the trip of your dreams is it.

A great advantage of lockdown depending, is the fact that you really dont have to many places to spend your hard earned money day in and out, rather focus on putting that money into something you didn’t think was possible and was way out of your budget.

Do this and when this Lockdown is finally over you will be having to much of a good time, to even remember how absolutely bored you were lying in bed.

4. Take a Virtual holiday

While you wait for Lockdown to end why not experience a virtual holiday, the best part is most of them are FREE!!

Due to COVID-19 most tourist hotspots, destinations and landmarks are virtually available to us from the comfort of our homes, amazing isnt it.

Here is a list of some great virtual experiences online to prepare for your next big trip in lockdown from the comfort of your home:

4.1 Smithsonian National Zoo | Giant Panda Cam: Are you an animal lover then this one is for you, you can view the giant pandas Tian Tian and Mei Xang from the comfort of your home, for free, using two camera cams. What a great way to plan and prepare for your next trip during Lockdown, follow the link and experience the wonder.

4.2 Boston Childrens Museum | Virtual Tour: Are you a parent, then this one is for the kids, so that during this lockdown they have something educational, historical and fun to experience. This is great for those of you who had wanted to plan an education trip with your children and now you keep them entertained during lockdown until its time to take the actual trip.

4.3 Asilia Africa | Safari at Home: Planning a Safari trip after Lockdown, then look no further then Asilia Africas virtual tour, which lets you their camps and lodges across Tanzania ad Kenya ad more. 


5. Conclusion

In conclusion it can be said that Lockdown is not the greatest experience and that it has halted many of our holiday plans, however if this post showed anything “never say never” and use the moment to prepare for the trip/holiday of all trips that will leave you with a lasting memory.

Author: T-hound

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