Haunted spots in Southern Africa
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Haunted Spots in Southern Africa

3 Haunted Spots in Southern Africa

In todays post we are talking a bit of a turn and looking to the supernatural 👀👀

If you like to dance on the wild side and enjoy the thrills, mysteries and the unexplained life has to offer you are in luck. Today lets look at 8 haunted spots in Africa, Southern Africa to be clear, so let us begin. On a side note none these have been said to be fact and at this point are legends, myths and community talk, if you do plan on visiting these areas please do use caution.

Found in Cape town, South Africa, the castle is holds the mantle as the oldest colonial building in the country as well as the one of the worlds best preserved examples of 17th century architecture, following its restoration in the 1980’s. The castle is also known for being haunted, it’s no surprise that a number of spirits have been reported to be seen lurking in the castle.

Such as Pieter Gysbert Noodt (Hated Cape governor installed in 1727-1729 until his death) He had apparently ordered the execution of 7 soldiers and been cursed by one (ironically passing away of heart attack later that day.),  Lady Ann Barnard who was a Scottish socialite, artist and travel writer as well as the author of the ballad of Auld Robin Gray It is said she haunts the ballroom, appropriately known as  “Lady Anne Barnard’s Ballroom”, where she is said to still entertain important guests.

The castle is now a tourist spot, however the guards securing the castle do report strange noises, screams, bizarre occurrences. Other ghosts such as a sad-faced woman and a black dog that leaps towards you and disappears before it connects are also rumoured to among the spirits.

Quick facts about the Castle of Good Hope

  1. The castle was built by soldiers, volunteers and those undergoing punishment
  2. During (1899-1902) part of the castle was used as a prison, during the During the Second Boer War.
  3. Declared a heritage site in 1936.
  4. The area the castle is situated was renamed the ‘Cape of Good Hope’ by John II of King of Portugal
  5. Soldier hanged himself on the bell tower roughly 300yrs ago.
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This location is more aligned to the ‘Dark Arts’ and faith, the cave which can be found in Molepolele, Botswana along the Thamaga road, is home to myths and stories of black magic, sorcery, superstition and witches. The area where the cave is located has traditionally been inhabited by the Bakwena tribe (Sotho – Tswana people) for approximately 500 years (apparently). The area the cave is situated was used for according to local stories/folklore the executions of those believed to be practicing black magic/witchcraft, where they would be flung from the mouth of the cave to their deaths.

Legend has it that Kebokwe’s Cave was named after a witch who had been believed to practise black magic, she was then thrown from the hills near the cave, her magic is said to have allowed her to gently land on the surface (she had used a spell to cushion her fall and survive). Soon after stories emerged of evil spirits haunting the lands around Kebokwe’s Cave.

However things changed with the arrival of Scottish missionary and explorer David Livingstone, who had tried to convert the local Kgosi (king or chief) Sechele I, who initially was reluctant to convert to the christian faith. Livingston had proposed he would stay in the cave to demonstrate how a ”Christian God” was more powerful then the evil spirits present in the cave. He had stayed in the cave unharmed for one night, Sechele I had converted shortly afterwards. The cave is now a place of Worship and pilgrimage for Christians.

Quick facts about Kebokwes Cave

  1. The cave is protected by the Government of Botswana.
  2. David Livingston staying in the cave is the reason Sechele I, had converted to Christianity.
  3. Execution spot near a rock by the cave for believed sorcerers.
  4. In Sestwana the cave is known as ‘Legaga la ga Kobokwe

Found in Kempton Park, Johannesburg, Gauteng the Hospital of ominous note, known by many in the region, which has been vacant for more than 20yrs. Its ominous beginnings start the day after Christmas (after a Christmas party) in 1996. Kempton Park Hospital (Kyalami Hospital) is now regarded as a holding for ghosts and strange occurrences, however still owned by The South African Government and off limits to the public.

The hospital which was abandoned with key and expensive equipment still left behind and for no apparent reason (with no substantial reason to date), with other things which are not suited for mention due to the nature of our website😊😊. Mysterious figures roaming the corridors, the screams of babies, disappearances, recordings of spirits by paranormal seekers (is subjective and will not be regarded as a fact on this platform) and so much more are said to occur.

Kempton Park Hospital in this day and age is still frequented by thrill seekers and those who like to investigate the supernatural and unknown, however it is their own risk, as entering is purely at your own risk with its own consequences (legally also).

Quick facts about Kempton Park Hospital

  1. Closed since 1996
  2. Built in 1978
  3. Has an annual expenditure especially for security.
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