Region schedules

South Africa Schedules

Shuttles on the schedule range from sprinters to quantams, which are highlighted in Blue.

The routes only operate on Mondays to Fridays every week, which is highlighted in Green


In comparison to other parts of Southern Africa, accommodation costs are fairly affordable with various alternatives for different budgets.

Upon arrival the country various mods of transport

  • Taxi – Taxis can be found across the country especially major areas such as Cities and towns. They cover various destinations and charge R8 upwards for a single trip
  • Metered Taxis – Are available for trips to designated locations with variable pricing.
  • Car rentals – there are various locations to rent a car, Follow the link below to rent a car and travel in ease now.

There are various inter-city buses in South Africa such as the:

 In general the crime in the country is very high, it is advised to be observant especially in locations such as Johannesburg, Durban and more.